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Is a Rear View Camera Only for A Car

More uses for your Rear View Camera

A rear view camera can be used anywhere there is a blind spot. Some users of a rear view camera put this safety device on the rear bumper of pickups, vans, RVs and campers trailers.

Other enthusiastic purchasers put these on the front bumpers of off-road and rock crawling sport vehicles. A rear view camera works by giving the person operating the vehicle more information about the surrounding area and potential problems or dangers. Once a driver understands how this specialty device operates, that driver will find new, innovative ways to put this data to work for him or her.

Functions of a Rear View Camera

The rear view camera gathers information in areas that cannot be easily seen from the driver’s seat. Designed to be mounted on the license plate holder of the rear bumper, the camera sends images of that area to the monitoring screen. This monitoring screen is an anti-glare mirror that clips over the rear view mirror in the vehicle. The screen is large and receives clear images transmitted by the rear view camera. The camera generally has 160° field of vision and picks up anything in this space: children, pets, toys, bicycles, fire hydrants, garbage cans, curbs and other vehicles. A night vision rear view camera has special lights illuminating dark areas. Installation is required which can be done by the buyer or a professional.

The most common application is placing the rear view camera on the back bumper of a car. Many users have discovered the information provided by this system is beneficial to owners of vans, pickups, RVs and even camper trailers. Knowing what is directly behind the vehicle guides drivers when backing up and allows the vehicle operators to make safer decisions protecting people, pets and property.

Rear view cameras are now mounted on front bumpers by sports enthusiasts everywhere. When traversing rough territory, the added information about the ground right in front of the tires allows drivers to plot the best course minimizing damage to the vehicle. Rock climbers love this added ability to pick the safest way over a huge pile of rocks; the low mounted camera sees the obstacles from a different height providing invaluable help in analyzing problems and potentials.

The popularity of a rear view camera will continue to increase. As people find ways to adapt this modern information invention to their lives, they will discover ways to make their lives easier and safer. Anyone who has ever dodged a rapidly reversing motorized wheelchair in a department store realized he or she avoided serious injury to the legs by getting out of the way quickly. Installing a rear view camera on motorized wheelchairs and electric scooters may save unsuspecting shoppers from painful shin damage.

Versatility and the Rear View Camera

A rear view camera can be used on any moving vehicle with a blind spot. The purpose of this innovative intervention is to relay timely information to the operator protecting the driver, vehicle owner and anyone or anything in the wrong place at the wrong time. An innovative off-roader uses the rear view camera to protect his or her equipment.