Keep Your Family Safe with a Backup Camera

Best Rear View Cameras of 2012

The Best Selling Rear View Backup Camera Systems for 2012

We’ve reviewed numerous of the top selling Rear View Backup Camera System’s available today. This is the first of several in depth comparisons we have to present to you lets begin with Rear Views Safety Inc’s Backup Camera System with Audio

We’ve scoured the web to find the best Automobile Backup Camera’s in the $100 to $300 market. To see the one we’ve chosen as the cream of the crop. Click Here

To find out how we chose it read on.

Pyle Backup CameraRear View Backup Camera System can now deliver accurate, natural-looking rear view images both day and night, drivers are now able to negotiate tight spots and can make critical backup maneuvers easily with safety and confidence.

As the price of technology has continued to decrease and more competitors have entered theĀ  back up camera market, so has the price of very capable Automobile Backup Camera’s. No segment has experienced this more than the after market rear view backup camera.

At numerous online retailers, you can find rear view monitors that provide and excellent view to what had previously been blocked from view previously. After using a rear view camera system, most drivers say they will never be without one in the future.

The beauty of these devices is that they integrate seamlessly into our existing vehicles and have a wide range of features like night vision, being able to see in low light situations or wireless installations.

These compact car backup cameras are great for new drivers, parents with young children and any driver who has difficulty with maneuvering your vehicle in reverse (you know who you are). Some of the benefits of these image capturing devices include:

  • They are small, light and easy to install in most vehicles.
  • Cost Effective, the price for most units is quite low considering the value provided for increased safety and reduced accidents.
  • Ease of use, most units are set to automatically come on when the vehicle is placed in reverse.
  • Most models are stylish and trendy.

On this site, find out if specific backup cameras such as the Rear View Night Vision Backup 2 Camera System for RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Fifth-Wheel or the PYLE PLCM36 3.5” Slim TFT LCD Universal Mount Monitor w/ License Plate Mount Rearview Night Vision Backup Camera is what you are looking for. Also you will find articles on automobile reversing cameras to help you get the most out of your new safety device.

Automobile Backup Cameras: What to Look For

Backup Cameras have one main mission to accomplish: increased safety in backing up any vehicle.

These rear view camera devices are designed to easily install in almost any vehicle by placing a mini video camera attached to the exterior, rear of the vehicle and having a monitor in easy view of the diver. These backup cameras are moderately priced.

Below is some suggested criteria you may wish to consider when considering these products.


A Backup Camera wouldn’t be considered unless it were able to incorporate easily into the field of vision of the driver. These products are popular because they are compact, and reliable.

Image Size and Quality

There are numerous features found on backup camera monitors devices that enhance its image quality. Some of these features include high density color image as measured in megapixels. A seven inch screen size seems to be the most popular

Field of view

As measured in degrees some cameras are as low as 90 degrees a good field of view would range from 120 and up.

Night Vision

Look for models which specifically state they are equipped with special night vision illumination. They will usually state in distance how many feet behind the vehicle is illuminated.

Wired vs Wireless

This important consideration is often personal preference. Wireless systems are usually easier to install but may be more sensitive to use because of fragile antennae. Wired systems installation may contain extra steps but are viewed as more reliable by some individuals.

Mounting Options

Rear view cameras come with different waterproof mounting options and are usually influenced by the type of vehicle. For standard sedan type vehicles a license plate mount may be sufficient. For SUV or RV a flat exterior mounting bracket which allows a higher mounting of the backup camera may be preferred.